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Monday 20 August 2012

The Best iPhone Apps for Sailors

New and exciting technology continues to make sailing a safer practice and an even more fruitful experience. Although applications will never replace knowledge, skill and gut instinct, here are a few apps that have something to offer.

Navionics Nautical Charts

Among the most popular sailing apps, according to nautical forums and technology-savvy sailors, is the Navionics app, which provides charts and data for sailing. For a measly $10 per region, users can get detailed nautical charts for almost every key yachting region across the globe, with additional information and optional overlay.

Wind Meter

This nifty app costs just 99 cents, and can measure the volume of the wind using the iPhone's built-in microphone. It then converts the reading into a wind speed record, so if your boat's instruments are ever playing up never fear - your backup is here. You can just point your iPhone into the wind and get a reading of average wind speeds within a few seconds.

Compass Eye

One of the first augmented reality sailing apps that not only works, but provides useful information too. The Compass Eye turns an iPhone's camera lens into a compass, with real time data updates that won't change as the boat rocks. Skippers can set multiple bearings and switch between magnetic north and true north as they wish. At only $4.99, it's proving one of the most popular apps for those with nautical interests.

Aye Tides

For $9.99 Aye Tides displays tides and currents for thousands of locations around the world. This stand-alone application doesn't require internet connectivity so a crew can have up-to-date information on tides and tidal streams at their fingertips, even without an internet connection.

Aye Tides App for the iPhone Display Example Tide Graph
Aye Tides App For The iPhone

Sail Master

This simple but effective app is user-friendly and can be extremely useful, providing information which can help to improve sailing and racing performance. The latest version drops the accelerometer in favor of utilizing the gyroscope, in order to provide an inclinometer to display the angle of heel. There's a whole host of useful data like boat speed, heading, latitude and longitude, course plotting and tidal information. For a sailor looking for an all-rounder app this is a must buy, and at only $1.99 there's no reason not to.

Sail Master's Aye Tides App for the iPhone Display Screen Example - Black Red
Sail Master's Aye Tides App for the iPhone

Zac Colbert writes on a number of nautical subjects including sailing technology and outboard motors. One day he'll sail to Fiji from New Zealand, one day.